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Nos Incogniti & Mercury (Freedman & Caloia)

Interpenetration in Zusammenarbeit mit Club Wakuum
Nos Incogniti
Yulan Yu, keyboards
Guillermo Villegas Alemán, drums
Juan Pablo Trad Hasbun, bass / E-guitar

The music of Nos Incogniti originates from three different creative beings who unify to become one sound. Nos Incogniti departs from the cultivation and practice of contemporary classic music, assimilates the richness of various genres (Jazz, Avant-Rock, Noise, Electronic, World Music, etc), and aspires to the spontaneity of improvisation as well as the inspiration of the moment. The result of their work is, music that is intuitive at the same time meticulously constructed.

Mercury – Freedman/Caloia
This is a duo of two Montréal musicians Nicolas Caloia (bass) and Lori Freedman (clarinet). We’ve been playing concerts in this formation for ten years now and have developed a very identifiable sound and music. In concert we improvise and we play with some pre-determied structures. In either case this music is always alive! Whether the feel is a crunchy lullaby, a muddy or hyper-speed waltz, an articulated frenzy or a convoluted blues, there is always a deliberate and transparent semblance of counterpoint with our two monodic voices.
4. April 2019, 21:00 Uhr
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Einlass: 20:00
Konzert: 21:00